Why Psychotherapy

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times. The fact is, there’s never been a time when we human beings have had to cope with so much pressure in our lives. Being bombarded by information as we seek fulfilment of the “great North American dream”, we all too often find ourselves on a treadmill of stress, unprepared to make the changes which might enhance our lives … changes that could involve work, family or relationships. Case in point – the stress we may experience resulting from the current global uncertainty heightens our awareness, and forces us to face issues we thought we’d never have to confront.

It’s not unusual that the role of the Psychotherapist has gained prominence among people who seek to optimize their well-being and longevity. Seeking help in the form of professional treatment from a qualified Psychotherapist is a natural consequence of our desire to discover personal solutions to our perplexing issues … issues that can feel virtually insurmountable if they are not understood and dealt with … issues that can be worked through and become manageable with the support and encouragement of a professional.

Reaching out to a psychotherapist is a normal and life affirming choice. It is a sign of health and an expression of our desire to lead a more fulfilling life.