Personal Approach

The seven-year Psychotherapy studies and 20 years clinical practice I have experienced to date, have equipped me with the understanding to offer a dependable therapy practice. In fact, I have been fascinated for more than 40 years with the value of a therapeutic approach to life and have personally experienced the benefits of learning through many individual and group sessions. So I always look forward to working with individuals and couples to help them discover their inner strengths as they learn to express more of who they are in the world.

I think of myself as a “soulsmith” … facilitating the awakening of an individual’s and couples’ natural potential for unique personal and relational experiences … a true journey of change achieved through a relationship of trust.

“Nick Diamand is that kind of insightful professional whose commitment to listening, encouraging and guiding sets him apart. His own life experiences afford him a singular opportunity to inspire those of us who seek to make real differences in our lives.” – personal acquaintance