Do you find yourself facing personal issues that seem too challenging, disheartening or depressing to deal with alone?

Perhaps the support and trust of a professional therapist may help you in your journey of self-discovery.

Let’s get to know each other.

Choosing a psychotherapist who can best relate to you is important to the success you will gain from the experience. So I offer a free online initial 30 minute consultation to meet and discover if my approach is right for you.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist in the province of Ontario, Canada offering online individual and couples therapy services for people like you at reasonable fees.

I invite you to explore my therapy services to embrace and express your unevoked potential …

in relationships

in work and personal interests

with family and community

 in play, creativity and imagination


After 50 years in the workforce, first in the corporate world and subsequently as a psychotherapist, in the coming years I am looking toward retirement. As such, in addition to the challenges mentioned below that we all face over a lifetime, I believe I’m also in a unique position to offer therapy for Seniors by a Senior with a focus on aging related issues and late life concerns.

For those individuals new to therapy, I cannot provide a long-term therapy and encourage you to seek a therapist at a different stage in their career. I continue to accept couples and individuals seeking a shorter-term therapy.

I have experience in working with people who are challenged with:

life transitions, especially career changes
unhealthy relationship patterns
being a man in relationship
prostate cancer and treatment
work stress, especially in the corporate world
parental loss/aging
anxiety in social and other settings
loss, grief or bereavement
controlling or expressing anger
receiving/giving healthy love
being a highly sensitive person
issues of trust
expressing healthy sexuality
effecting change
expressing feelings
relaxing and playing
giving care vs taking care
a fear of being judged/criticized
low self-esteem
being judged by their appearance
lack of motivation
feeling isolated
feeling a victim
being a people-pleaser
expressing personal power
gaining self-awareness
maintaining personal boundaries
fears evoked by the threat of global crisis